My lemon balm turned black as soon as I washed it! Is it still safe to use in tea?

I just cut back my lemon balm plants hard today, rinsed the leaves, and spun them as well as I could in the salad spinner to begin to portion them into ice cube trays to store in the freezer --- only to find that many of the leaves already tuned completely black!! Are they still safe to use in tea?

  • Posted by: B.
  • August 1, 2021


Valhalla August 3, 2021
Some herbs just bruise easily. I have dried it in a dehydrator for long-term storage. You might try gently rinsing it and store in a ziplock bag for freezing.
B. August 4, 2021
Thanks! So just bruised but still safe to use?
MMH August 1, 2021
Is there a reason you think it wouldn’t be safe?
B. August 2, 2021
Just because they turned black.... there's no mold or mildew or anything like that....
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