I’m a baker for years. For some reason, I am getting black specks in my cake. A little on the hard size. Mine batter is perfect. What is causing th

Fresh eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, etc. I threw 2 cakes away the past few weeks.

  • Posted by: Kass
  • April 12, 2020


Barbara October 24, 2022
Take a look at this thread:
In it, the commentators suspect old or not fully incorporated baking powder. They suggest sifting the baking powder with a fine sieve.
Amelia B. August 29, 2020
It could be weebles. Did you check the date or sift the flour before using it?
Nancy April 14, 2020
Have been following this mystery with interest.
The bitter taste surprises me - doesn't sound like it would come from any of your regular ingredients.
But the baking spray to prepare the pan may be a problem. I stopped using it years ago because of what I remember as a chemical taste. Could that be similar to what you are describing as bitter?
Have you tried one version with either olive oil or butter to grease the pans? Side by side comparison, one of those with baking spray?
If you do, I'd love to hear the results.
Happygoin April 14, 2020
LOL, I don’t normally follow all threads to the end, but this has captured my interest too. I’m so interested to hear the answer, Kass!
Kass April 14, 2020
I usually never do this. I was so upset on a Easter am to share my cake with my family (dropping off by 6 feet apart) I thought maybe someone has an answer. As soon as I flipped it over, I saw those little black pieces, I was shocked again. The cake is delicious, and my husband and I are eating it. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.
Kass April 13, 2020
Thanks everyone. I’m going to use my brand new pans the end of the week. I will post my results. Definitely not critters, I tasted it very bitter. Did the vanilla test the first cake that had the flecks.
Barbara April 13, 2020
Try pouring out half a teaspoon of the vanilla on an old pillowcase or very fine paper towel. Come back in a little while and see if you can see tiny flecks.

Take a cup of flour, pour it out on a flat surface, then pour yourself a good bourbon. Sit and watch it intently while you sip your cocktail for any small crawly things that may be turning black as the incinerate in the oven.

Examing the pans with a magnifying glass for imperfections in the pan.

If the flecks are on the bottom and sides, it's probably the pan. If the flecks are uniformly interspersed throughout the batter, it's one of the ingredients.
Kass April 14, 2020
Not at all in the batter. Perfect!
Kass April 13, 2020
I am going to try my new pans this week and use my hand mixer. I already threw a bottle of vanilla thinking it was coming from it.
Happygoin April 13, 2020
I wonder if it's flecks of vanilla bean in your new bottle of vanilla? Or see if you maybe bought vanilla paste or crushed vanilla rather than straight vanilla extract.
Miss_Karen April 13, 2020
It sounds like it might be the pans. Maybe you could line your pans with buttered/floured parchment paper .... that might help. Try different (new) pans?
Kass April 13, 2020
Just bought new pans from Amazon. I used my tube pan that’s not old.
Kass April 12, 2020
New pans. Fresh ingredients, the batter is perfect when it goes in the pan. Thought it might be my vanilla, just bought a brand new bottle.
Happygoin April 12, 2020
Could it be the finish coming off the cake pans? Critters in the flour?

Those are the only things I can think of.

Kass April 13, 2020
I have a fairly new kitchen aid mixer. It started around the holidays. I threw a start Paul’s Deen strawberry cake. I threw the whole cake. I bought everything new. Next cake same thing. I made a 1234 cake for Easter. The batter was perfect. As soon as I turned it over to flip it, there was the specks on the bottom. Could it be the Pam?
Kass April 13, 2020
Cake pan used
Gammy April 13, 2020
Is your Pam spray just Pam or is it a "baking spray" that also contains flour (which I never knew existed until recently)?
Emily L. December 29, 2020
I found these black specks all throughout my vanilla cake batter so I googled it and it led me here. Is this by chance what you were finding?
sher October 24, 2022
OK...I know this a 2 years down the road but the same thing just happened to me! Black specks, bitter taste! I made a butter mochi - Iʻm wondering if it was bugs in the mochiko? They didnʻt look like bugs - they were all different sizes. Has anyone figured this out?
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