What is a good substitute for mayo and miracle whip

My husband is allergic to mayo and miracle whip. I want to make tomato and bacon cups but all the recipes I find call for one of those.

Ashlee Stauffer


Stephanie B. June 2, 2017
Not sure this would work for your recipe, but as someone who doesn't like mayo or miracle whip, I've had good luck using greek yogurt in place of mayo.
HalfPint June 2, 2017
If he's not allergic to milk, try a milk mayonnaise:

Or you can try Just Mayo which is vegan, using a pea puree of sorts and oil. I've tried it and it's pretty good. And No, I am not an employee nor do I have family invested or working for Hampton Creek :)
Rachel June 2, 2017
i will echo nancy's question... is he allergic to the eggs, the oil used or something else? Even so, a substitute would be a fat that he'd tolerate, perhaps use mashed avocado ?
nancy E. June 2, 2017
Make an aioli
Nancy June 2, 2017
Mayo is mostly oil emulsified into egg yolks. Which is he allergic to, if not all?
If the eggs, use plain good olive oil in making the tomato-bacon cups. Otherwise, try some other fat he can tolerate and will taste good with the tomato-bacon recipe.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 2, 2017
Depending on his allergies, you might be able to try a vegan mayo, or you could skip the mayo on his cups.
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