Question for Cheesemakers!

So I had some cream skimmed from a gallon of local raw milk sitting in a closed jar in the back of my fridge for.... a while... realistically Id say over a month after it had just started to sour. When I finally got around to chucking it I realized it smelled almost sweet and didnt have any mold, so I took a deep breath and tasted it- it was amazing! Id compare it to the taste and texture of mascarpone. Did I unwittingly make something legit?

Jennifer W


Rachel June 5, 2017
You very well could have. As a disclaimer, I have made cheese only a couple times in my life and I have always used pasteurized milk and rennet tablets, so making cheese or fermenting raw milk products is not my area of expertise.

That said, I know several people who would say to throw it out to be on the safe side... raw milk and all that, but generally dairy products that have gone bad will have a distinct nastiness and strong smell to them.

It is not quite the same as eating a death cap mushroom which are said to be delicious but shut down your internal organs. My attitude is, if you are comfortable with raw milk and you are certain it is not spoiled, be on the safe side and consume a small amount. If you have no ill effects following that, then increase the amount.
Rachel June 5, 2017
by spoiled, I meant you are sure it doesn't smell bad/have mold."
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