- alternative to Dill when none is available??



Jean |. February 26, 2011
Depending on what you're making, you might take a bit of juice from a jar of dill pickles. Otherwise, there really is nothing quite like dill.
Greenstuff February 16, 2011
Ditto to SKK. There is nothing like dill. So, pick something you like or just leave it out, and just know that you're creating something new.
SKK February 16, 2011
There is nothing like dill. Depending on what you are making fennel seed and/or celery might work.
puresugar February 16, 2011
I'd say it depends on what you're making, but other fresh herbs could be used, like tarragon or basil. For dill seed, maybe celery seed or caraway. But I don't know of anything that really tastes like dill. Maybe a splash of 'pickle juice'?
AntoniaJames February 16, 2011
What is it that you are making? I'd use different things, depending on the nature of the dish, the other ingredients/flavors, etc. ;o)
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