I have a bunch of dill. What should I do with it?



luvcookbooks October 12, 2010
Stuffed Baked Potatoes from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen. Also a yeasted dill bread with milk and white flour is delicious. Can't remember where the recipe came from but just use a cottage loaf recipe and add a lot of chopped fresh dill. Makes an unbelievable egg salad sandwich. My favorite egg salad is in Nancy Silverton and Mark Peel's family cookbook (when they were still a family, :(
AntoniaJames October 7, 2010
Make lacto-fermented pickles! Lots of them!! Yummmmmmm. ;o)
Jon P. October 7, 2010
I find the combination of dill and potatoes to be very satisfying.
allie October 7, 2010
carrot dill soup or a green sauce with cucumber, dill, parsley & greek yogurt etc (salt generously).
theicp October 7, 2010
You might like a yogurt and dill combination. I love making lamb kofte pitas with yogurt and dill sauce, but it also works for cold veggies too, a la Liz the Chef's recipe: http://www.food52.com/recipes/4900_creamy_cucumber_side
pierino October 7, 2010
I'm down with the "fish" recommendations. The flavor of dill goes very well with salmon; especially wild salmon. Salmon en papillote (baked in parchment), or sturgeon for that matter.
amysarah October 7, 2010
Autumn weather is finally here, so just yesterday I made one of my favorite things involving dill - a big pot of split pea soup (simmered with a smoked ham hock.) Another favorite for using a big bunch of dill is gravlax, plus the classic sweet dill/mustard sauce to serve with it.
Christina W. October 6, 2010
True Swedish Meatballs require a load of dill for the sauce.
Merrill S. October 6, 2010
Make a green sauce for fish or veggies: sour cream, a little mayo, horseradish, scallions, lemon juice and a whole lotta dill!
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