Austin, TX - recommendations!

I'm traveling to Austin for a few days on Labor Day weekend. Send your recommendations my way! Where should I eat, what should I visit, which area should I stay in (will be looking for AirBnB soon), anything helps!

Ali Worthalter


Nancy June 17, 2017
Yes to the music & food recs.
Also, look for something local, historical or particular that you are interested in and see that....whether hill country, Oh Henry museum, Texas history, whatever you want to know more about.
HalfPint June 17, 2017
Smoked chicken tacos at Chuy's (Barton Springs location). Pappasito and right next door, Pappadeaux. Kirby Lane for breakfast. Central Market for great cheese and sweet pickles.

Of course hit up Sixth Street for a night out. Austin is known for live music with venues that don't fit more than a hundred or so.
Bevi June 19, 2017
Hi HP - No, I meant Whole Foods Market. I am enamored of that store in Austin. There's a walk in beer cooler, a beverage holder in each grocery cart, and bars/inhouse eateries that can make the shopping experience civilized, such as Bar LaMarr!
Dona June 16, 2017
Torchy's Tacos, Franklin BBQ if you can get there early.
Bevi June 16, 2017
message aargersi, arielleclementine, and drbabs.
For me, I can recommend Barton Springs Pool, seeing the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge, and going to the Flagship
Whole Foods Market store.
Bevi June 16, 2017
also message nannydeb
HalfPint June 16, 2017
@Bevi, do you mean Central Market? Loved that place. One of the best cheese counters I've ever seen :)
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