Need menu ideas for afternoon birthday party

Hi, I'm looking for menu ideas for baby's 1st birthday party. There will be 70%-30% (adults-kids ratio). I've got the cake covered. I like to cook but don't to create anything so elaborate that I will be too tired to enjoy the evening.

Pam p
  • Posted by: Pam p
  • June 23, 2017


Nancy June 25, 2017
I've noticed children with strong food preferences and aversions dislike it when a food they are to eat even touches one they don't.
Maybe serve the crudites and finger foods one food per plate. Easy color/visual and physical separation.
(You can, of course, combine leftovers later for storage.)
scruz June 24, 2017
i once read about a party idea and always wanted to use it but then, i don't throw parties! but the idea was pita sandwiches which allowed you to wander around and eat with just one hand. you can fill it entirely with salad or have various other things taziki, hummus, chicken, lamb, pulled pork, falafel, chicken salad, cut up veggies in vinaigrette, etc. you could even do hot dogs for the kids.
BerryBaby June 24, 2017
I've made these hundred of times and each time, they are hit. Kings Hawaiian rolls, sliced turkey deli meat, an herb cream cheese spread (I use store bought such as Boursin), olive tapenade (I make my own) and leaf lettuce. These little sandwiches go in a blink and you can make them the night before, just DO NOT add the lettuce until before serving. It is optional, but I love the color and curl of the lettuce showing.
I make Ina's Orzo Salad (recipe on Food Network), she makes it with shrimp, but I substitute chicken and more people enjoy, and can eat, chicken. Too many allergies to shrimp and kids like the chicken.
Serve assortment fresh veggies, kids love the tiny baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, etc. and an assortment of olives and maybe pickles.
It's easy, cleanup is a breeze and no stress as everything is made the day before.
I make the orzo and put it in gallon size, zip bags. It's much easier to store in the fridge.
This has always been a fool-proof menu for me, served it to little ones, teens especially loved it and adults.
For beverages, lots of bottled water, sodas, and fruit juice boxes for the little ones. I use a cooler filled with ice and let everyone help themselves.
Happy Birthday to the little one and have fun! BB
hillarywith2ls June 23, 2017
How about an assortment of quiches? If you don't have time/energy, use premade crusts. You can double/triple the custard mix and pour into each quiche with different fillings - veggies, meats, cheeses. Kids love quiche too!
MMH June 23, 2017
You can serve mini bagels with toppings/spreads that both kids and adults will like. I have special ordered them many times from a bagel bakery so you don't get those bready ones from the super market.
MMH June 23, 2017
Also buy cases of 4-6 oz water bottles and a recycling bin. Then u don't have to worry about cups and pitchers etc. most people (kids) don't finish a full sized water bottle.
Beth June 23, 2017
I would think that most kids like cheese, crackers and veg and fruit. From your offerings the parents can assemble a balanced meal. Maybe put out a bowl of goldfish crackers - a kid favourite.

I always like to put a pitcher of ice water and a bin full of ice wirh either adult beverages or drinks for the kids. That way you are not playing bartender all afternoon :)

Enjoy the party!
Beth June 23, 2017
Good idea on keeping it simple. How about a lot of finger food that can be preped in advance ( Fruit, veg with dip & hummus, cheese & cracker, meat & olive) with a few warm dips and a foccica bread you just have to pop into the oven to warm. That way people can snack on whatever their preferences is.

Not many dishes to do either.
Pam P. June 23, 2017
Thanks! What about the kids? Will they eat that too? Or should not worry about it?
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