( safety & taste ) -- a few basic questions

it's very hard to find reliable sources

on the back of a tortilia, it says to microwave it and other ways to method

* is torilia made from 'corn' safe to eat without heating/cooking?

* how long do you have microwave 'franks' for it to be safe?

* does bread/flour, etc. actually taste -- significantly -- different to 90%+ of ppl?

they don't really taste that different

* is there any yummy sauces that most ( >70% ) ppl like very very much?

* is there any best sandwiches/subway recipes that most ( >70% ) ppl like very very much?

please link sources

can see -- https://food52.com/hotline...



702551 June 24, 2017
1. Store bought tortillas are already cooked, you are simply reheating them.

2. Same with your typical frank. It's already cooked.

3. A lot of people here might say the bread/flour tastes all the same, but I guarantee you that bread in France tastes different than bread in Italy, bread in Japan, bread in a fancy US bakery, or bread from a generic US grocery store. It's probably individual region preferences and how much people care about eating good bread (or anything else). As far as I can tell, most Americans will shove mind boggling quantities of ersatz garbage into their pieholes as long as it is cheap and fast.

4. The most popular sauce on this planet is soy sauce. Several billion people on this planet reach for this every day.

5. I don't know. I don't use recipes to make sandwiches. Start with good bread and add good ingredients, best to focus on fresh, seasonal things. One thing that I do know is that most sandwiches are best when they are freshly made.
designparadise June 25, 2017
4 - i should've put the most popular thing that adds high yummy, actually yummy, taste

BerryBaby June 25, 2017
I use soy sauce on my salad with a touch if sesame seed oil. Love it!
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