( taste/flavour map ) -- what's a really good list of the best combinations of 'tastes/flavours' that most humans like?

here's some recent harvard science of cooking video -- https://www.youtube.com...

one or more of those places had some stuff on taste, im pretty sure

not sure if any site, person, or team has made/done a taste/flavour map yet

it's 2017 already... it's like there's been no progress in my life or the life of society since i first found this site, and never used it since....

* 30% chicken flavour..... (since everything tastes like chicken..)
* 10% blandity (pasta)
* 5% tomatoes (w/e taste that is...)
* 2.2 soy sauce (w/e taste that is.....)
* 2% salty
* 1.5% pepper
* 1% lemon

would do the trick.

clearly it's incomplete


please see ultimate smoothie-making dream --> https://food52.com/hotline...



caninechef June 27, 2017
Perhaps you need to find a site more aligned to your interests since we are such a pitiful lot here.
Asha L. June 27, 2017
If you are looking for a good read with taste/flavor maps, Taste Buds & Molecules by Francois Chartier is interesting and informative.

designparadise July 3, 2017
* what's some useful or helpful things from that book? or related
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