I have a jar of pickled peppers but the taste of vinegar is too strong for my taste, could I put some water in the jar?



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Ophelia March 23, 2012
Instead of adding things to the pickling brine try rinsing the peppers before eating.
HalfPint March 23, 2012
Please be careful whenever you add water or anything else (like honey) to anything that's been canned or bottled. Eat it quickly, within a a couple of days max. The water (or whatever else) that you add is not sterilized and adding it to the vinegar may introduce microorganisms that would not be in that original solution (which has been heat processed to kill these bad bugs).
Lizthechef March 23, 2012
I would add honey - no issue with it dissolving.
melissafig March 23, 2012
Thanks! I would never have thought of that, will give it a try :)
Panfusine March 23, 2012
Just read this in a Herve his book, 'adding sugar to vinegar makes it more palatable', you may try that approach to a portion of the pickles
Panfusine March 23, 2012
I meant Herve This, the French authority on the science of cooking.
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