I had a piece of bacon which was good before i froze it. It has never been opened, but it has now gone past the experation date. Can i still eat it?



ChefJune June 28, 2017
s been frozen all that time? It's probably fine, unless it's been in the freezer so long it's developed freezer burn. Food doesn't spoil in the freezer.

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PieceOfLayerCake June 27, 2017
I always use my senses to tell if something is ok to eat. Expiration dates are a very inexact science and are designed only to cover the manufacturer from any liability. They are usually VERY conservative. Thaw it out, smell it, look at it and judge for yourself. I'd say its probably ok.
Beth June 27, 2017
As long as it was frozen before the expiration date, and you eat it the day you thaw it you should be ok. Obviously if it smells or looks weird don't eat it. There are also charts online about how long you can freeze something.
Kenneth A. June 27, 2017
Is it safe to eat would be a better question. One month past experation date.
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