I'm about to have people over for brunch. I cooked the bacon ahead of time so that I wouldn't be messing with got grease with the guests here, but now I notice it's gotten kind of soggy. Can I recrisp it? In the microwave?

  • Posted by: erinbdm
  • October 2, 2011


erinbdm October 2, 2011
The oven worked so well that I think I'll always do my bacon that way! No splattering fat while the guests are at my house and perfect bacon! Thank you!
wssmom October 2, 2011
Microwaving would definitely work, but boulangere's method is much better!
keel October 2, 2011
Microwave works too but I think the oven is better.
erinbdm October 2, 2011
thank you!! I'll do that!
boulangere October 2, 2011
Lay it out on a baking sheet, ideally lined with parchment. Stick it in a 350 oven until it crisps back up. Enjoy your brunch!
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