How is you Garden this year?

This year it appears the potted tomatoes are much happier and larger than last year. I used Epson salts when transplanting them to the large pots and not sure if that is it, or just a better growing season. In any case, they all have tons of tomatoes that should be ready in the next few weeks. The patio apple tree has 8 apples this year and, if they are anything like last year, delicious! I have a pot of tarragon and thyme that came back from last year and it is flourishing. Can't wait to use some of it! How is your garden this year? BB

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BerryBaby September 3, 2017
Wow, just looked out on the patio and all my plants, including the apple tree are turning yellow. The end to a successful growing season. When this happens so early, it usually is an indicator of a brief fall. We sure could use rain! Hottest and driest August on record. Three more days of 100+.
BerryBaby August 21, 2017
These are the potatoes I planted in a pot on St Patricks Day. Over 4 lbs of beautiful purple and baby yellow potatoes! Have apples on the patio
tree and lots of Indigo and Bumblebee tomatoes. A very successful growing season😎!
BerryBaby August 10, 2017
Yikes! What a difference a few scorching hot days make. Tomato plants are really showing stress with this excessive heat. Doesn't matter how much I water the sun is really beating down on them. Hope they recover they were so beautiful
BerryBaby August 7, 2017
First tomatoes of the year! They are SO tasty!
The purple potatoes are almost ready, can't wait! Planted on St. Patricks day so it's about 5-6 month growth period. Last year I made purple chips in the oven, they were great!
rldougherty August 7, 2017
I went on vacation for 10 days and it seems that was a critical time for tomato pruning. They are very overgrown, but producing delicious fruit.

This year I made room for herbs and cutting my own herbs for recipes gives me so much joy. Even the parsley is so much better than the grocery store.

The trellis was a much needed improvement for the green beans.

My cucumbers have been so busy producing, and I fear I did not water enough and there is no coming back from it. Cross your fingers for them!
BerryBaby August 7, 2017
Sometimes less water is better. I never really know if I'm watering enough but things seem to do ok. It's been so HOT here, continuous days of 90-100+ that watering is a guessing game. If it stays too hot, fruit starts falling off. They are having issues with peaches falling off the trees because of all the heat. What a sad situation.
Susan August 6, 2017
I spent the afternoon picking, cleaning, blanching, and freezing nearly 9 pounds of chard and 3 pounds of mustard greens. 😳 This is unheard of in west TN where the summers are usually death on anything leafy. From the look of things, I'll be doing the same with snap beans next weekend, and lunch today was a veggie-egg scramble made with warm-from-the-barn eggs, fugitive cherry tomatoes (they sprouted in the compost heap), and arugula. I'm exhausted, but in the best possible way. There's nothing like heaping garden goodness on my plate and into my pantry.
scruz July 23, 2017
a year of heavy winter rain after years of drought means my water rates are sky high. my drought tolerant plants are doing pretty well, although several of the lowest lying drowned this winter and died. instead, i'll tell you about the produce at the market. romaine, my fave, was very late this year and was unavailable for months due to muddy fields. then it came in and since we have continued with our typical summer weather with lots of overcast and fog, we are still enjoying big beefy leaved romaine that hasn't bolted yet. peaches and nectarines and plums are plentiful and the nectarines have the peaches beat, hands down as far as flavor and juiciness goes. cherries from washington have been superb. winter picked citrus was late but quite good. cantaloupe has not been its aromatic floral self but watermelon are better than i can ever remember. cakes are good and moist. zukes are good. that's about all i can report other than i had to take out my old naval orange tree as it seemed to have 2 or 3 things wrong with it. the roses were glorious and a two week period in may had the dogwoods full of blossoms, every rose in town covered and the trees so lush in green foliage that it took our breaths away. it was an awesome spring to behold.
BerryBaby July 27, 2017
Yes, Washington cherries have been delicious! Bought more yesterday. We live in paradise here in the Pacific Northwest produce grows beautifully and is so abundant!
MMH July 22, 2017
BerryBaby July 27, 2017
MMH July 22, 2017
Our garden is gorgeous. We live in a historic neighborhood in Omaha. This is our herb and hummingbird garden with our raised beds in the back. Our cool season crops are done. It's very hot here so the tomatoes are doing well. You can see our Brussels sprouts in the back. In the front is dill and monarda with our honey suckle trellis in the back.
Susan July 21, 2017
Late but coming on strong. Picked the first tomatoes this morning. Cucs will be ready soon. Am already picking eggplant.
BerryBaby July 27, 2017
It's such a great feeling to pick vegetables that you have grown. What I like best is I know where they came from and I took care of them. From patio to kitchen!
BerryBaby July 20, 2017
Very impressive! My tomatoes are loaded! The purple plum will probably be the first to ripen. They are beautiful. Purple on the outside, green on the inside.
Niknud July 14, 2017
Ooo, I love talking about my garden!

The best thing is all the herbs. On the front range of Colorado, the tomatoes and peppers always fall to the hail storms, but the herbs... I've got flat leaf parsley and dill that reseed and come back in greater bunches every year. Sage, thyme, mint, chives, lavender, lemon balm and oregano survive the winter and are now in full glory. Basil needs to be re-planted every year and the rosemary needs to be brought inside but right now everything is producing in great herb-y abundance. Decided a few years ago to cut back on the flowers and just plant herbs. It smells great and I'll occasionally cut the flowers and use them for table arrangements (sage especially has great flowers that smell wonderful). I love it. I'll see if I can upload a picture later but I've been doing herb salads and herb butters and herbs in and on top of everything.

We've got two apple trees that, while young, are still producing a few fruit this year. I've ceded the sour cherries to the birds. The strawberries are the ones that produce all season so some I get and some the bunnies get and some the kids get. Figure there's enough for us and the bunnies and the birds.

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Niknud July 14, 2017
Here's the newest herb bed that the mister installed right next to kitchen door
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