I have a loaf of VERY thinly sliced walnut levain bread. I asked for it sliced thin at the bakery, since my bread knife is out of commission, and I guess I learned to be careful what I wish for: it's too flimsy to make a sandwich out of or toast in the toaster. Could I make crackers out of it? How?



nutcakes February 17, 2011
And it would make really nice salad croutons too, brushed with olive oil first, then broken up after baking then to not-as-hard as crackers condition. I do that all the time with thin sliced baguette.
Amanda H. February 17, 2011
Yes -- lay the slices (or whatever size cracker you want) in a single layer on a baking sheet and dry them in the oven at 200 degrees. Not sure how long, but I'd check them after 20 minutes, and just keep an eye on them. All you want to do is dry out the moisture in the bread so it becomes brittle like a cracker.
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