What toaster oven do you recommend for mainly toasting 4- 6 pieces of toast and open faced sandwiches?

rich miller


drbabs December 2, 2010
Here's ours.
It may be more than you need, but it works really well. (I bake potatoes in it, too) and is easy to clean. We've blown through several of the cheap ones and they're garbage.
obleak1 December 2, 2010
I have a Krups, which works ok, but has a MAJOR design flaw...the crumb tray is not removable, which it makes it hard to clean. I bought a Kitchenaid and returned it. I really liked how it looked, but the entire exterior and the handle became extremely hot when it was in use. Iused to have a Delonghi and it worked great for years. I gave it to my son when he went away to school, and he had it for four years, and still has it in his apartment. BTW, toaster ovens are the bomb! I would give up my microwave before my toaster oven.
calendargirl December 2, 2010
I have been satisfied with my DeLonghi. It toasts evenly (bread, English muffins or bagels) when three of us are rushing about in the morning, and is often used for broiling a small piece of fish or a chop. We also use it to hold things, on the Keep Warm setting. My only complaint is that the knobs are somewhat awkwardly shaped, but I am used to them now.
phyllis December 2, 2010
I really like my Cuisinart toaster oven. Breville makes a great one also, but it is a little pricey. I had a DeLonghi but it didn't hold up and didn't toast well. That was awhile ago.
allie December 2, 2010
I am loving my little toaster pan, purchased at paellapans.com -- it's amazing. Only 2 pieces of toast at a time, but just much easier than a toaster (doesn't clutter up my counter).

pierino December 2, 2010
DeLonghi are pretty good. An Italian brand, but I'm not sure where they are assembled these days.
drbabs December 2, 2010
I have a great toaster oven but I'm at work and can't remember the brand; will post again when I get home tonight.
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