Hey, PicklePals, if you wanted to make healthierkitchen's really tasty looking now-finalist recipe, Moroccan Style Lamb, http://www.food52.com/recipes... , but were going to use beef instead of lamb (because several family members just don't care for lamb, period), what cut of beef would you use?
Thanks so much. ;o)



betteirene February 17, 2011
I'd go with a pork roast, any cut except loin. I think the flavor lends itself to pork more than chicken or beef.
healthierkitchen February 17, 2011
AJ - so glad you're interested in trying this out! I'm not great with beef cuts, but as Greenstuff notes, I have heard from blog readers that chicken worked. You could use just thighs for a meatier flavor and less worry about overcooking.
ChefJune February 17, 2011
I disagree that it's possible to get a complex, deep flavor with a 45 minute braise. If I were making this with beef, I would use the same cuts I use for Beef Stew. Chuck roast or rump roast are good choices. I don't think loin meat lends itself to a great braise. It's not intended to cook that long and gets dry and stringy.

My mom was the Champ at stews, so I grew up eating and cooking them... years of experience. ;)
Greenstuff February 17, 2011
I was thinking about this, and these flavors just don't say beef to me. I notice that healthier kitchen suggests chicken as an alternative, and that sounds more "right" to me.
hardlikearmour February 17, 2011
Oh, AJ, just found some info from CI. They like sirloin tip steak not pre-cut into pieces for stir-fry.) They found it gives the texture and flavor you want with a 30-min. simmer. Their alternate choices are blade or flank steak.
Merrill S. February 17, 2011
You could also use something more stew-like, and add the squash later on. Nothing else should suffer from more cooking, although you may need to add a little liquid (water or broth) as you go.
AntoniaJames February 17, 2011
Thanks so much! Or maybe you go with the longer braise cut, and braise it for a longer period, putting the squash (and perhaps most of the prunes) in toward the end, so they don't get mushy . . . .I do like the idea of adding a beef shank during the short cooking period, if going with a loin cut. Plus, I'd use a really good homemade beef stock, to get a richer flavor. Mmmm. I don't cook with beef very often, but this one is calling me, loudly and with some urgency. ;o)
hardlikearmour February 17, 2011
With the cooking time I'd go with something from the loin family and after browning it in step one, I'd add it back to the stew late in the game, like last 10 minutes or so. I can't figure out how to do a tougher, more traditional stew meat cut and get it tender with a simmer time of 30-45 minutes. I'd also consider simmering a beef shank or bones & discard so you get more meaty flavor.
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