Main dish suggestions for a festive potluck to complement pastitsio

I'm making the main dishes for a potluck 50th brithday party for a friend. I'm thinking of making runaway spoon's pastitsio for one dish, possibly also eggplant parmesan, but I'd like to do a chicken dish as well. I'm hoping you helpful picklers will have great ideas for a chicken dish that I can make ahead and reheat to serve a large crowd and that goes with the other dishes. Vegetable sides and salads will be provided by others. Thanks!



RespectThePastry February 23, 2011
ok this may be totally 50's kitch but it is yummy and cost effective and best of all it reminds me of my grandmother....cranberry chicken...all you need is whatever style chicken you like, any sort of thousand island dressing, a packet of onion dip mix, and a can of whole berry cranberry sauce...type in cranberry chicken in a search and you will get a million of this recipe.
Amanda H. February 23, 2011
This Hunter's Style Chicken would go well with pastitsio:
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