Frozen pan drippings from T-Day's turkey (I made Mr H's Madeira Gravy that day) . . . . Are they any good? What should I do with them? Thanks!! ;o)



louie734 February 24, 2011
I like to have leftover drippings around for those nights that you're stuck with leftover chicken. I find leftover chicken always needs a bit of a makeover for the next meal. I'd use some of the pan drippings + oil or butter to make a bit of a sauce to reheat the meat in - it adds moisture, and gives it an interesting twist so it doesn't seem like the reheated meat it is.
Pep it up with a little Dijon, garlic, parsley - pile it on a piece of bread - yummy!
Angela @. February 23, 2011
Make some popover or yorkshire pudding batter and pour the drippings into popover pan or muffin tins before adding the batter for individual servings. You can also pour drippings into a cast iron pan and make one large yorkshire pudding.
Soozll February 23, 2011
Add it to the next batch of soup you make.
hardlikearmour February 23, 2011
I'd make gumbo, and add them right in. Would add lots of yummy flavor. If you brined your bird, the drippings can be salty so you may not be able to add the whole lot to one batch.
Greenstuff February 23, 2011
I'd think they'd be great--I'm always annoyed when my husband tosses pan drippings. I'd just toss them into another stock. My best stocks tend to be assembled from lots of sources, lots of stories.
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