Received a jar of Spekuloos Spread in my stocking at Christmas. Thoughts on how to use it? I was thinking swirled into a batch of vanilla ice cream...



fromajolie February 25, 2011
@CarlaCooks: HA! I think you and I could be great friends. Me and peanut butter have a history with spoons, and after tasting the Spekulaas, well... Will definitely try on crepes -- didn't think of that, which is odd, b/c we have them quite often. Cheers!
CarlaCooks February 25, 2011
You're in luck! That stuff is like crack for me. I love spreading it on crepes. It's also pretty good on a rice cake. Though I've never tried it, I imagine it would also be a good filling for macarons. Or you could eat it the way I most often do... with a spoon!
fromajolie February 24, 2011
@cooks4fun: Of course there'd be a food truck like that in NYC. Jealous!

@mtrelaun: Great suggestion. Will certainly try this soon.

@Greenstuff: I've never heard of Chocopasta, but now I'm intrigued. I'll have to look for that, and in the meantime, use your suggestions with the Spekulaas.

@louie734: The gifts I love as well!

Cheers all, and thanks.
cooks4fun February 24, 2011
The guys over at the Wafels & Dings food truck serve it as a waffle topping. I get their Liège waffle with Spekuloos and it's quite awesome.
louie734 February 24, 2011
Never had it, but I have heard of it - namely, that it is fantastic.

What about on some silver-dollar-sized pancakes? I assume it's too thick to really get on a waffle, and not sure if it melts with a little heat.

Jealous! I love esoteric food gifts!
Greenstuff February 23, 2011
Anyplace you might use Nutella or Belgium's old favorite, chocopasta (like Nutella but without the hazelnuts). Your idea of an ice cream swirl sounds good. I've also heard of people using it as a thin layer in spice cakes and cookies. But spread on bread is probably the end destination of most speculoos spread. Smaakelijk!
mtrelaun February 23, 2011
I spread mine on toast. A perfect breakfast or afternoon treat!
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