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It seems I always throw away a partial bottle of champagne after I entertain. How long does champagne last after it is opened? What can I do with it? Could it go into French 75s a week later? Wasting good champagne is so hard to do.

  • Posted by: SKK
  • February 23, 2011


SKK February 24, 2011
Thank you all for your wonderful answers. One of the things I love about foodpickle is the education I receive with each answer. All recipes and tips are now stored.
pierino February 24, 2011
Here's the recipe I used for a Valentine's sorbet; http://www.food52.com/recipes/9579_ruby_heartstealer_valentine_sorbet

The basic formula for a French 75 cocktail calls for gin, cointreau, squeezed lime juice, sugar and finished with sparkling wine. Stirred not shaken.
ChefJune February 24, 2011
Amanda beat me to recommending a stopper. I find they work well. A silver spoon set stem down in the bottle will keep the bubbles for one extra day. But sparkly or flat, it's a great pan deglazer for scallops or delicately flavored white fish. And Jean-Michel Lorain, chef/owner of La Côte St. Jacques in Joigny, France (3* near Chablis) shared a wonderful recipe for chicken poached in Champagne.
Amanda H. February 24, 2011
I use a simple Champagne bottle stopper and have found that a bottle will hold its fizz well for 2 days, and then will degrade over days 3 and 4. By day 5 it's usually pretty much flat.
betteirene February 24, 2011
Think of it as white wine and use it to poach scallops, in vinaigrette, in pierino's sorbet.

Or use it to make thirschfield's candies: http://www.food52.com/recipes/7145_spiced_cider_jellies

pierino February 23, 2011
Actually a French 75 sounds like a damn good use for it provided you can stopper up the bottle. I also use it in citrus sorbet (or any number of other sparkling wines for that matter). But a week is kind of a long time to hold it as the fizz will be gone...
Sam1148 February 23, 2011
Leave it in the bottle opened, with some cheese cloth on top. Let it sit at room temp for a few weeks. It will sour/vinegar. (if it wasn't made with preservatives).
Then use it for salad dressing. Mustard, dijon, herbs, the champagne.

This is also good to use with beaujolais nouveau that's soured.

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