Need recipes & ideas for a wedding gift. His & her favorite ingredients listed. Customize for each or combine.

This is part of a present for two people who are very close to me. I am compling a list of recipes that utilizes their favorite ingredients. It would be awesome if you could help me find recipes for each person that uses as many as possible. Even better, recipes and/or suggestions to combine elements of both sets together. I am also thinking about putting together a gift basket that incorporates all the ingredients.

His: peanut butter, bacon/pork, horseradish, spicy (thai, tabasco, jalapeno, etc) & chocolate
Hers: honey, pumpkin, champagne, avocados & arugula

Hope you can help me make their special day even better.




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Sam1148 February 24, 2011

My go-to wedding gift is a nice picnic basket...a small cutting board, and fill it with some food items suggested..and savory stuff too, good cheeses and crackers, summer sausage..etc.
In every case the bride and groom took it back to the hotel room and snacked on it at night. It seems they didn't eat much at the reception and dinner from nerves and being 'on stage' all day and were very hungry at night when they finally got to decompress.

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