How many days before thanksgiving can i make my pies? Pumpkin, apple and coconut cream. Help!!

  • Posted by: Shamona
  • November 20, 2015


AntoniaJames November 20, 2015
Yes, Sunday is much too early.
Apple pie is definitely okay made the day before. I realize that many people are "day of" purists, but I also know many fine cooks who bake their fruit pies the day before.

I have heard from reliable sources that pumpkin pie tastes even better the next day (I think Alice Medrich said that, though don't quote me, please). Can you bake them the night before?

I really don't know about the coconut cream pie. Custard-y pies tend to "weep" within a few hours out of the oven. Unless I had a recipe that I knew had been tested and proven to work well when made in advance, I wouldn't make a coconut cream pie until the morning of the day when it would be eaten. There's nothing to stop you from putting together the ingredients a day or two before, but not filling the pie crust. I'd have to see the specific recipe though before saying you can mix it all up a few days ahead. For example, if the recipe calls for egg whites to be folded in, I would not do that until immediately before pouring the filling into the crust.

Hope this helps!
Good luck, and remember . . . . have fun.
Sandra November 24, 2015
On this thread, if baked the night before, do you store on the counter or in fridge? What is the best way to transport them ( for a 4 hour drive) in an insulated container with ice or just room/car temp? Thanks!
Caroline L. November 20, 2015
hi there shamona! we actually just wrote a guide to freezing pies (so you can get ahead!):

that said, you can freeze your apple pie uncooked but completely formed (just pop it in the oven the day of), but custard pies like pumpkin and coconut cream don't freeze so well. you can get the crusts out of the way (and freeze them!) now, and then just fill when it's time to bake them off. hope this helps!
Shamona November 20, 2015
Thank you for that link but when is it ok to bake them? Would sunday be too early??
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