I've never purchased Madeira and see there are various types. Any suggestions for this recipe?

  • Posted by: Denise
  • February 25, 2011
Dan Barber's Braised Short Ribs
Recipe question for: Dan Barber's Braised Short Ribs


Denise February 26, 2011
I found the Madeira -- all set.
Amanda H. February 26, 2011
You can also use marsala if you can't find madeira.
Denise February 25, 2011
Peter, Well, if it's lame then I'm lame too. I pretty much took the same route you traveled while selecting my Madeira and my wine for this recipe. I think I was a little nervous because cooking meat is a rarity for me. Braising is taking place as I type. Hopefully they will taste as good as they smell. Thanks, Denise
Peter February 25, 2011
I actually just made this recipe a few weeks ago. What kind of Madeira did I use? The $20 bottle they handed me in the liquor store when I asked for a bottle of Madeira to use while braising short ribs.

I know that's a lame answer, but when it comes to cooking with liquor, I long ago learned that the flavors seem to show up in broad strokes so the details don't matter so much.
hardlikearmour February 25, 2011
I'd go dry madeira or substitute dry sherry.
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