blueberry ice leftovers

We're in to week two of A New Way to Dinner and it's working like a charm. The only thing that I'm learning is that we have to adjust a lot of the amounts down...(4 year old and 8 month old kids). So, I've got a ton of leftover blueberry ice sitting in the freezer and hoping for some suggestions on how to use it. Thinking I may melt it for blueberry/ginger syrup for cocktails?

  • Posted by: Zak
  • August 3, 2017
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1 Comment

Nancy August 3, 2017
I would go straight to (slushy) cocktails, without melting. It's so hot out in most places now - keep it near frozen, add liquor/liqueur of choice, stir and drink.
Or scoop and layer with whatever soft fruit you find in season - berries, peaches etc - and/or ice cream.
Make two more flavors (contrasting colors), then layer and make a block of 3-color ice, serve over pound cake or biscuits.
Mix in blender with some green vegetables, cucumber, watermelon for a cooling smoothie.
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