This is the New Year's cocktail just attempted: muddled clementine, ginger beer, bourbon,maraschino cherry on crushed ice. What happened?

Greta finch


HapppyBee January 3, 2012
Was it bitter? If so, maybe the clementine was sour. If that was the case some simple syrup could have smoothed it out a bit. Otherwise it sounds lishy!
Amanda H. January 1, 2012
Wondering if rum rather than bourbon might have worked better. And was it sweet enough?
Greta F. January 1, 2012
It seemed so promising and yet It was a dismal failure! It just seemed like the flavors worked together. Any ideas about what ingredient was off or what I could have added to even out the taste?
Amanda H. January 1, 2012
Sounds good. Was it?
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