Can I substitute ground pecans for part of butter in baking?



Julie B. August 7, 2017
Thank you so much!
AntoniaJames August 4, 2017
What are you making? I often substitute ground pecans for butter in pie crusts - typically, press-in crusts -- and in shortbreads and other short cookies. Ground or very finely chopped pecans also can be used in place of a portion of the butter in crumble / streusel /similar toppings for fruit crisps, coffee cakes, etc. ;o)
Julie B. August 5, 2017
Shortbread cookies was my specific question. But I was interested in general. I tried making shortbread eliminating all flour and using ground flaxseed and ground (coffee grinder) pecans. It was too short and had a hard time hardening. I was pretty sure it was partially because of the pecans, but wanted to know if anyone else had actually used them as a substitute and couldn't find anything online.

Thank you so much for answering. It encourages me to experiment further with nuts.

Can you share any info about amounts?

Nancy August 6, 2017
You might want to try the shortbread again, using the ground pecans (and a little bit of added oil) as a substitute for the butter, not the flour.
Pecans are close to butter in fat content (72% compared to 82%).
But even when ground into something resembling a flour, they don't substitute well for a grain. If you want/need to replace the wheat flour, look for another item.
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