Re: Spiced Pecans from the app

The pecans are amazing, but My spouse is allergic. Can other nuts be prepared in the same way? Does the baking or brining time need to be adjusted? Thanks in advance!



AntoniaJames November 15, 2012
If you are referring to the Spice Brined Pecans recipe, I've posted three other spice-brined nut recipes. One is for cashews: As noted in the recipe, it's important that the cashews be removed from their soaking liquid within 6 hours. Cashews are the only nut, to my knowledge, for which this is an issue. Another crispy brined nut recipe that I posted is this one, using walnuts and rosemary (more savory than spiced): Finally, I recently posted a recipe for vanilla almonds using the same method. These have a strong vanilla flavor, but you could add a cinnamon stick, and/or a large pinch of nutmeg or ground cardamom if you want more spice. Here is a link: Please note that this recipe uses a bit less salt, so if you want a saltier nut, increase it by a tablespoon or two. ;o)
Monita November 15, 2012
Walnuts,, cashews and almonds are good spiced. Don't know what spices this recipe uses but I'm sure they'd be good too
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