Has anyone made an americanized version of sooji halwa?

I am trying to make a breakfast pudding / porridge inspired by sooji halwa. Anyone have a healthy version?

Katie Athaide


Veronica August 8, 2017
Hey Katie!

Most recipes for Sooji Halwa I've found have a pretty high ratio of Sugar - But here's one that skews a little lower on the sweet stuff and the milk: http://naturalfitnessdiet.com/sooji-halwa/

If you'd like to reduce the amount of processed sugar you may want to try subbing in some natural sugars, like soaked and pureed dates, or maple syrup (or cut back and include less). That would alter the flavor, so I guess it depends on how traditional you'd like to make your dish. As Lost in NYC has mentioned, you could also look into Upma recipes which are similar porridges though, if I understand correctly, Upma can be made with different varieties of starch (Oat upma, Semolina, Brown Rice upma) whereas Sooji is a term specific to Semolina. Looking into Upma variations may give you some great alternative preparations to look at!

A few other options:
Lost_in_NYC August 8, 2017
Hi Katie, are you trying to make Upma?
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