I'm diabetic is the sugar absolutely necessary or can it be reduced or exchanged for sweetener?

Sarah Claxton
Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs
Recipe question for: Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs


Evan August 14, 2017
I make soy pickled eggs with a recipe similar to this one all the time, and I omit the sugar. They're fine.
Sarah C. August 14, 2017
Thank you, do you eat them the same day as they are made or can you keep them in the refrigerator? If so for how long?
Evan August 14, 2017
I actually never eat them same day if I can help it--I let them sit for up to a week, sometimes longer, but it's a personal preference that will depend on how salty you like them. They don't spoil as quickly as a normal peeled egg would because the salt and vinegar act as a preservative and draw some of the moisture out. My favorites are the ones that have been pickling longer than a week; the bring soaks inwards slowly and actually changes the texture of the yolk until it is more custardy (though I also tend to leave them slightly soft, closer to a 7- or 8-minute boil than a 10). I recommend making a batch of five or six and waiting a couple of days and then sampling them day-by-day to find your preference!
Evan August 14, 2017
*that's brine, not bring
Cav August 12, 2017
I've not made this, but I'd say the sugar is essential. However, a tablespoon dissolved into a cup of liquid which is then used to incredibly thinly coat an egg is not going to result in the consumption of much sugar at all. I say this as a fellow diabetic who's now planning to make the recipe.
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