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Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs

July 12, 2021
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"What I like best is that these eggs can be used in a thousand different ways: They are perfect on their own as a snack, or on an English muffin (eggs Benny setup), in pasta, or cut up and mixed into a salad," Christina Tosi says. Adapted slightly from Milk Bar Life by Christina Tosi. —Genius Recipes

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Featured in: Our 10 Most Popular Egg Recipes—for Morning, Noon & Night. —The Editors

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Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs
  • Prep time 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Cook time 25 minutes
  • Makes 6 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons warm water
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar
  • 3/4 cup soy sauce (we used low-sodium—if yours is regular strength, you might want to err on the side of shorter marination time)
  • 6 large eggs
  • Maldon or other flaky salt, for serving
  • Black pepper, for serving
In This Recipe
  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the water and sugar to dissolve the sugar, then stir in the sherry vinegar and soy sauce.
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Carefully put the eggs into the boiling water and cook for exactly 6 minutes and 50 seconds, stirring slowly for the first 1 1/2 minutes to distribute the heat evenly. Meanwhile, fill a large bowl with cold water and ice. When the eggs are done, transfer them to the ice bath.
  3. Once the eggs are cool (and the water isn't uncomfortably icy), peel them (in the water—this will help them keep a perfect exterior). Transfer the eggs to the soy sauce mixture and marinate in the fridge for at least 2, and up to 6, hours, making sure they are completely submerged. If necessary, top the eggs with a small plate to ensure submersion.
  4. Remove the eggs from the sweet and salty solution. You can save the soy sauce mix for another round of eggs, if you wish. The eggs will keep, refrigerated in a tightly sealed container, for up to a month.
  5. To serve, cut the eggs in half lengthwise and season with salt and pepper. Or Cool Hand Luke them to impress your friends.

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    Audrey Waller
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211 Reviews

Bebe September 29, 2021
I make Japanese seasoned eggs almost every week and they stay in the fridge for 4-5 days—they’re a delicious go to snack. The longer they sit in the seasoned soy sauce the more umami flavor. You can also reuse marinade.
Cracker February 4, 2021
I loved these soy sauce eggs. Just a unique taste & mouth feel. I dug out a small French press & used that to keep the eggs submerged.
kim G. February 4, 2021
that's a great idea to use a French press! Thanks for the tip.
[email protected] January 5, 2021
I have not tried the dish. This is a comment on your tags. Eggs are not vegetarian. They are chicken eggs and the last time I checked chickens were animals not vegetables. Please correct.🙂
MaddyMrea January 5, 2021
Eggs are considered vegetarian but not vegan. It varies person to person but typically a vegetarian doesn't eat meat but does eat animal products (milk, eggs, yogurt, etc.). Vegans don't eat any animal products at all.
theSaint17 March 30, 2021
@jvtnw8 How about you only leave comments on dishes you HAVE tried, instead of trying to spread your vegetarian/vegan propaganda to people who don't wanna hear it.
Gail F. November 16, 2020
These eggs are truly delicious! You do need to follow the boiling time per the recipe to ensure the yolk comes out creamy. I did use the soaking liquid again for my second batch but the eggs were less flavorful so refresh liquid for future batches.
Lisa L. November 16, 2020
I concur;)
LtHead March 12, 2021
I've found letting the eggs get to room temp helps a lot, the first time I made them the 6 min 50 seconds wasn't enough because I went from the fridge to the boiling water.
MimiJane September 11, 2020
A question about cooking time. I live in Montana at high altitude & would like to know what you suggest as an adjustment to cooking time. Here a 3 minute egg takes 6 minutes.
britspit February 1, 2021
I also live in Montana at 5000 feet. I cook eggs for 10 minutes for not quite fully cooked eggs, 12 minutes for fully cooked
MimiJane February 4, 2021
Thanks. I will use your timing. Looking forward to trying this recipe.

aprilmay October 6, 2021
I live in Reno at 5351 ft. Any suggestions for cooking time for me? It is a bit worrisome given the precise time in the recipe.
Glenn July 3, 2020
Question:With just six tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 3/4 cup of soy sauce, is there really enough liquid to submerge six eggs?
Lisa L. July 3, 2020
I put them in a glass container that just fits them & crumple up a piece of foil to hold them under the liquid and then place the glass lid on top.
MJ May 20, 2020
Honestly, I think time depends on size of egg. This does not work well for a jumbo sized egg.
Lisa L. November 16, 2020
I find that if my eggs are not all very close in size, they obviously turn out to be different degrees of oozy.
Laura L. July 18, 2021
The recipe does specify large, so I assume adjustments would need to be made for smaller or larger eggs.
Betsy May 12, 2020
Amazing! I make a batch every week.
DodoIncognito May 3, 2020
These were delicious! I added 2TB mirin, a dash of sesame oil, chopped lemongrass & garlic (had them in the freezer), and I used balsamic vinegar because that’s what I had. I had them for dinner on top of a green onion and veggies soba noodle dish.
Brenda April 19, 2020
Have made a few times and linking up today from the corona riff article. Honestly it's a great recipe IMO. But I wanted to make it more a paleo dish and used coconut aminos in place of the soy with great taste every time. For those folks who are squeamish about storing for longer than a couple days, make egg salad with, or deviled eggs and invite my spouse (the old raisin) over and he will help you dispose of them properly. /s
Melissa G. April 13, 2020
I need some scientific reassurance about egg storage. Regular hard-boiled eggs are supposed to be safe for a week. These aren't even hard-boiled! I know people are varying the vinegar and soy sauce levels per different variations. I've got to imagine that the salt and/or acid are crucial to keeping them safe longer than a week. Are they seriously OK for a month?? How would I know if they were not OK anymore? I guess I'm a little squeamish about these things. Hard to imagine I could hold back from eating them that long, anyhow....
Lisa L. April 13, 2020
Whoa! You’re keeping them refrigerated. And I keep them in the marinade...only take them out to eat them. No problem. Been doing it for at least a year and I’m still around to talk about it.
Shine April 13, 2020
I only make 4 or 5 at a time so they don’t hang around long.
Sarakenna12 November 27, 2019
I LOVE these eggs. They are now a mandatory addition to rice-bowl night at our house. I always have the ingredients on hand to make them and I love the richness they add to our dishes. I use leftovers in salad. To store left overs, I just remove them from the marinade and pop them into a storage container. They keep the same way regular boiled eggs do. Note: It can be tricky to pluck them out of the water before the middle sets too much, but I suppose that's the fun of learning how to make the perfect soft boiled egg!
Leigh November 10, 2019
Gosh, I must be missing something. I made them exactly as the recipe states, and they are banal, at best. My guests ate 1/2 of an egg each (6 guests) and left the rest. I asked if they thought I should make them for the holidays, and they said they did not want them again.
Lisa November 10, 2019
What kind of soy sauce did you use?
Lisa L. November 10, 2019
If you use the best eggs you can find and good soy sauce AND you love eggs and Asian flavors, I can’t imagine finding this dish anything but heavenly. The only deviation I make from the recipe is that I leave the eggs submerged in the marinade until they’re eaten. For some eggs, that could be 5 days.
Sssynnamon March 8, 2020
Gosh, sugar, you sure did. You made exactly as the recipe was written and then insulted the poster by calling them "banal at best". Perhaps you should have tried any of the variations she posted to excite your....palate. And maybe invite some guests who will be gracious enough to express some gratitude for your efforts rather than the douchebags you had
Bebe September 29, 2021
Here’s a Japanese recipe…it’s delicious!
Audrey W. October 25, 2019
I've made these quite a few times now-they are always the base for my deviled eggs I serve at Halloween.
I crack the eggshells and let them soak overnight in the marinade (I add Lapsang Souchong tea packets) then peel fully and let them soak another 8 hours.

Mix the yolks with wasabi and avocado, butter (thanks toVirginia Willis) and mayo.

Garnish with black sesame seeds. They're delightful. :)
Brenda April 19, 2020
Lapsang souchong is the best. I think I will go make a cup.
Lisa October 17, 2019
Love this recipe! I must be eggshell-peeling challenged though, because even in the cold water, I had trouble not cracking open the white. Oh well, the marinade seeped in a little, but yum! Also, I only had 1/2 cup of the Bragg's aminos, so I added a 1/4 cup of mirin to get to the full amount. Delicious!
JC May 13, 2020
Late to the party, but if you use fresh eggs they'll be harder to peel. Eggs a couple weeks old will peel much more easily!
Jeff-Karen U. January 13, 2021
Also, use a spoon to get between the shell and egg. Works like a charm.
Lisa L. October 15, 2019
These are AMAZING!! Granted, my family is very egg-loving and we had previously perfected the hard-boiled version. This, however, ups the ante. The first time I tried the recipe, I thought it was a little cumbersome, but now that I make a batch every weekend, it's so easy. A tip, really peel the eggs in the ice bath once your hands can tolerate the cold water. It's the only way I've found to not break through your whites in some places. I store them in the liquid for days and we snack on them all week. Thank you for this!
qwickone September 12, 2019
Really excellent! I steam my eggs right out of the fridge for 7 minutes and follow the rest of the recipe exactly. I let the eggs sit in the soy sauce mixture for 3 hours the first time and found them too salty. I did 2 hours the second time (re-using the same marinade) and I loved it. Fresh cracked black pepper on top is all it needs.
kemturner September 5, 2019
Delicious! I'm addicted.
Susan B. May 13, 2019
Check out downshiftology.com for their method for perfect-soft-and-hard-boiled-eggs. So easy and straightforward! Gives a picture display of how many minutes to boil depending on whether you want any of several stages from a softer, funnier yolk for a salad to a full hard boil for deviled eggs, etc.
Susan B. May 13, 2019
I combined this recipe with Food52’s Virginia Willis recipe for deviled eggs. The butter added to the usual mayo for the filling gives a creamy, rich mouth feel. And the soy sauce marinaded whites give an umami to the usually flavorless whites. I’ve had the same problem as other reviewers with there being spots where the eggs rested on each other or the bowl that don’t get as brown with marinade as rest of egg. With the deviled eggs it didn’t matter as the whites were on the bottom with filling on top. Party-goers loved them.
Molly F. May 13, 2019
An amazing idea!