I added too much lime to my satay sauce how do I get rid of the sour aftertaste? Thanks



Abijosiah February 26, 2011
The recipie called for a spoon of brown sugar but I didnt have any so added a spoon of golden syrup which has dulled down the sour taste a bit.

Thanks guys
stephinboston February 26, 2011
I did this with a butter chicken recipe. I had great success with adding a bit more of the major ingredients that I had left and... Yogurt and honey. It toned down the citrus and balanced it a bit. I'm embarrassed to admit I also added Worcester Sauce and a bit of Soy. It worked.
Beenish February 26, 2011
I think if u add sugar to it it shall minimize the sour taste and plus it wuld make ur sauce to taste sweet and sour taste a new zing to it.
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