Meringue is coming out perfect. But at the time of display it goes soft

While preparing and baking my meringue cookie it's comes out perfect. Crispy and well cooked inside. But at the time of displaying it on counter It becomes soft within half hour. Even I have stored it in container for a week, it was crispy. When I take out of container or displaying it on counter after cooling down becomes soft and sticky.. plz pour your suggestions or solution to overcome this issue

Jaishri Shyamsundar


PieceOfLayerCake August 15, 2017
Depending on where you live, meringues succumb easily to humidity. If they work being stored airtight you may want to think about finding a display solution that is also airtight like a glass canister.
MMH August 15, 2017
That is exactly what my grandmother would have answered.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 15, 2017
There are a lot of tips in this article that might help:
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