I just made the meringue for a pavlova. I'm concerned that it's not crispy enough on the outside. Would the inside get too dry if I put it back in the oven to bake a bit more?

  • Posted by: ChefGam
  • April 14, 2014


drbabs April 16, 2014
So glad everything turned out well for you.
Estelle April 15, 2014
i usually turn the oven off and leave it in a dry oven overnight and it works great
ChefGam April 15, 2014
Turns out, I panicked too soon. Leaving the door closed with oven turned off for 2 hours resulted in a perfect base for my Pavlova. Thanks for the help. I love having Food 52 by my side when a question comes up.
drbabs April 15, 2014
Do you have a gas oven? I have a temperamental one, and it's the bane of my existence. I made meringues this weekend and they were a sticky mess. I tried continuing to bake them on a low temperature, but they wouldn't dry. My brother in law and nephew who are cracker jack bakers suggested that I put a pizza stone or some tiles in the bottom of the oven, then heat it, then put the meringues in. Worked like a charm! I hope this helps--good luck.

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Joanne C. April 14, 2014
Keep baking! Low temp- 200 degrees to just dry it out more.
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