How to cook chicken on a gas stove top?

I have a gas stove. Even though I follow the recipe, when I cook chicken on the stove top, it is tough. What can I try?

Zan Taylor


caninechef August 28, 2017
The gas stove is not the issue. I think Windischgirl has perhaps touched on your issue. Boneless breasts cook quickly and can easily be overcooked and dry. Checkout some recipes with suggested temp settings and timings. Maybe try a stir fry where you might have more confidence in the chicken being done with just a few minutes of cooking.
Windischgirl August 28, 2017
If it's on the bone or dark meat, cook it on low heat and slowly.
If it's boneless chicken breast, pound it thin ( or slice it into thin slabs) and cook quickly over high heat for just 3-4 minutes . Use a thermometer to test for doneness, 160F.
creamtea August 27, 2017
I like to dry-brine my chickens first with salt overnight in the fridge, loosely covered. Next day, you can brown it first on medium to medium high, remove to a dish temporarily, drain off some of the fat, sauté aromatics in the remaining rendered fat (onion, garlic and/or celery, carrots, bay leaf, or whatever your recipe calls for), then add liquids (wine, water, stock, and/or tomatoes, any herbs your recipe calls for), bring to a boil, simmer a little, then add back the chicken parts and simmer on low, covered, until done. The liquids and low simmering temp should keep it tender.
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