Can you cook cream of chicken soup on the stove top?



702551 March 6, 2021
Absolutely. People have been doing this for centuries. In fact pretty much all cream soups are can be done on the stove top. The cream is added at the end and is gently heated to prevent curdling/separating.

Look up "veloute de poulet" in your favorite search engine and you'll find thousands of recipes in French. If you want English recipes, just look up "cream of chicken soup."

Now what you do with this knowledge depends on your stance.

If you are anti-stove top, you will simply just acquiesce to her superior knowledge and admit to her that she is right.
702551 March 6, 2021
Oops, I submitted before I typed the latter part of the answer.

If you are pro-stove top, you just need to make a batch of cream of chicken soup on the stove top..

Make sure you don't cook anything in the oven that particular meal so you can definitively point out that you didn't use the oven at all.

Best of luck!
Jdlittle March 6, 2021
This is an argument with my girlfriend and just trying to get the right answer
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