Preparing/freezing lobster

I want to serve lobster salad to company. The exact timing of the meal is somewhat nebulous, though I should have 24 hour notice. This will likely be on a weeknight so I want to cook and pick out lobster meat in advance. Based on internet findings it sounds like lobster meat freezes well. Online advice is to freeze the meat in brine. Is the brine needed even if the lobster will be frozen for only a few days? Would you freeze the lobster if there is going to be more than a 1 day delay between cooking the lobster and preparing the salad? What is your opinion on the effect of freezing? Should it be negligible or should I avoid the freezing if possible? Or should I choose something else to serve? I would love to serve lobster for this meal but I don’t want to misuse an expensive ingredient.



caninechef August 30, 2017
Thanks for your help, sort of what I suspected. I really don't want to buy lobster and then treat it with less than optimal respect and care. I might rethink the menu and save lobster for a more predictable meal. I might be able to get this to work out with buying/prepping lobster 48 hours out.
Greenstuff August 29, 2017
While lobster does freeze pretty well, it's not nearly as good as fresh. I do not hesitate to keep it in the refrigerator for a day or two. says it's good for 3-4 days, shell removed, but personally, I think 3 days is pushing it. Have a great time! I love picking lobster meat for my friends, it's an act of love.
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