What is a non alcoholic sub for brandy in cookies?

Making cookies that calls for 1/3 cup brandy but I am worried some people won't want that. Ideas?

  • Posted by: Lara
  • August 31, 2017


foofaraw August 31, 2017
Usually !/3 cup fluid in cookies means that it is integral to the recipe (unlike 1/3 cup fluid in soup). Changing brandy with non-alcoholic sub could be tricky because it could effect the texture (due to alcohol) a lot. Also a lot of alcohol content are baked off during baking so that might not even be an issue. What is the recipe?
BerryBaby August 31, 2017
Adding a different flavor would depend on the type of cookie.
What is the main flavor of the cookie?
Nancy August 31, 2017
Fruit syrup (diluted if it's too thick).
Good quality grape or other fruit juice.
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