how to easily slide pizza dough from metal peel to the stone without sticking

Nancy Caccioppo


Kaitlin B. September 6, 2017
I've the most success with a light dusting of semolina flour on the pizza peel. I also, work as fast as I can to minimize time it has to stick, and go easy on the toppings to avoid weighing it down. If I don't have semolina I usually start it on parchment and then about half way through slide it off, to crisp up the undercarriage a bit! Good luck!
Matti N. September 6, 2017
If cornmeal doesn't work, make the pizza on parchment and slide the entire parchment on to the stone.
Nancy C. September 6, 2017
Parchment paper it is, I've already tried corn meal
Nancy C. September 6, 2017
forgive me, thank you
ecebitto September 6, 2017
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