A question about a recipe: Jim Lahey's No-Knead Pizza Dough

This recipe motivates me to get a pizza peel and stone. Are there any you would recommend?



koechin February 7, 2012
i've been using 2 large leftover granite tiles for several years now with great success. after my $55 pizza stone got broken i thought i would try these tiles and have been very happy with them.
boulangere February 7, 2012
Emile Henri stones are the bomb. Made from Burgundian clay, which heats evenly and retains heat. They come in either rectangular (my favorite) or round.
Mr_Vittles February 6, 2012
As far as a "stone", do yourself a favor and get a Fibrament stone. Its a composite brick, that is made for lining deck ovens. Its really awesome, has an extremely low fail rate and can take the heat no matter how hot. I have used on for awhile and its become a seasoned staple for all my breads and pizzas. The Fibrament can also be custom ordered to fit your oven like a glove. As for a peel the cheapo metal one I bought from ChefTools.com has never served me wrong.
Mr_Vittles February 7, 2012
Fibrament Website: http://www.bakingstone.com/order.php
Sam1148 February 6, 2012
For the peel..I use a basic resturant supply store metal peel.

However, my pizzas are sometimes overloaded. And shaking it off to the stone..can be tricky. (I have that down now..with pre-baking the dough, or cutting back on topping..and lots of cornmeal).

But I really want a superpeel. Which negates all these issues with the peel. It's a pizza peel with a canvas conveyance. So you don't have to shake and rattle and roll the dough off the peel.

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