Thawed frozen mangoes

About a year ago, I bought a massive package of Dole frozen mango chunks. The ones I tried immediately upon purchase were tasteless - not sweet, and certainly nothing like mangoes. If anything, they tasted of plastic bag. I forgot about them and realized just this weekend that I had better use these mangoes before they go rotten or grow mould. I thawed out the entire bag in the fridge, and the mangoes taste exactly as terrible as they used to. What do I do with a good two kilograms of thawed, previously frozen mangoes? I dislike tossing food.

I'm diabetic, so disguising the lack of taste with a tonne of sugar (or sugary things, like other fruits) is not the best option. Ideally, I need ideas that would use a lot of mango but have other components that contribute flavour (and hide the mangoes' terrible flavour). I'm vegetarian (yes dairy, no eggs).

Thanks for the help! :) Related question - can dogs eat mangoes?

  • Posted by: Vandana
  • September 7, 2017


Imogen September 21, 2017
Mango smoothie or mango lassi where you could balance the fridgey-tasting mangoes with or citrus and the taste of sour yogurt.
Black beans can be good with mangoes. Spices in a recipe like the one below will cover up the fridginess.
Imogen September 21, 2017
Argh, that train wreck of a sentence should have read "a bit of citrus juice".
Vandana October 4, 2017
I actually made this salad before asking this question! I added rocket to the salad and cumin powder to the spices. Everything except the mango tasted excellent. The mango tasted slightly less bad than it used to.

Since they just seemed determined to remain sub-optimal, I ended up tossing them all in a blender with a lot of milk and a LOT of sugar and distributing it among the neighbourhood kids, like at a lemonade stand. At least they're all gone now. Thanks for all the help!
AntoniaJames September 21, 2017
Smoothies: for each serving, add a heaping tablespoon of orange juice concentrate (see John McPhee's long-read in the New Yorker, or book created from it, for why it has such a brilliant flavor, when made just with oranges and no other ingredients), bananas or whatever other fruits work best for you, whatever dairy or non-dairy milks or yogurts you like, plus (the kicker, which also balances the sweetness) a heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder. Shelled hemp seeds would boost the protein. ;o)
Veronica September 7, 2017
Hmmm if the problem is that they're tasteless I'd try making a sauce or salsa. (This has an added bonus - you can pop the sauce into jars and give it away).

If you have tasty onions and tomatoes around you, making a salsa may be great:

Or, if you can have a little sugar, you can create a Thai Mango Sauce (honestly it'd probably be good if you omit the sugar altogether as well). Like this one:

I'd probably go for the Thai sauce - there's lots of delicious spices and it makes a pretty fancy schmancy gift to others too ;)

And if all else fails... It does look like mangoes, plain, are dog friendly haha
Vandana September 21, 2017
Thanks Veronica!
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