I need to replace my set of dry measures.

They amount markings have faded off of the plastic set of dry measuring cups (it has been 7 years). Do you have any suggestions for a set where the markings should hold up indefinitely, even with dishwasher use? The set has no defects other than be able to decipher with absolute certainty which is which!



Shannon September 17, 2017
Cuisipto oval shaped cups are great. Try their oval measuring spoons
Greenstuff September 17, 2017
Cuisipro, yes! I was just going to suggest them. I have both cups and spoons and can't imagine any I'd like better.
Rachelwrites September 17, 2017
Awesome! Thank you. I'm looking them up now!
Windischgirl September 13, 2017
I recommend a scale!
Failing that, I can recommend metal dry measures with the size stamped into the handle. I got mine at Marshall's, and they are oval...would have preferred round but I got what they had.
I recycled my old plastic cups by using them as scoops in my flour and sugar canisters. Using a scoop enables me to lightly sprinkle the flour into the measuring cups (instead of using the 'dip and sweep' method, which results in packing the flour and giving a heavier end product.)
Rachelwrites September 14, 2017
I have a scale! I need measuring cups! ;)

But looking for stamped in measurements is a good idea. Thanks!

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