How do you measure your yogurt?

I am asking this because of a long standing suspicion of mine that different people tend to measure yogurt differently. That is, some use a dry cup measure and others treat it as a liquid and measure it in the liquid cup measure. I've tried recipes that are otherwise balanced and there would be no reasons for them to not yield good results in regards to proportions and technique, yet they sometimes fail me. I was wondering how do you measure yogurt in recipes that also call for, say, part milk? Just as a clarification, I am referring to baking recipes. Thank you.

  • Posted by: Droplet
  • December 9, 2011


Droplet December 10, 2011
Thanks for the reply. I learned to bake in Europe and yogurt in Europe is high quality and must meet specified standards, that means no thickeners. So I constitently purchase a high quality ingredient and have excluded that as a reason. I haven't actually weighted the difference because I do vary on the fat content that I purchase sometimes,and know that will give me a discrepancy in weight. But when I start with a new container, it has seemed to me there to be as much as 3 Tbsp difference between the two methods, judging by what's left in the container.
Droplet December 10, 2011
"consistently", sorry for the typo
Ophelia December 9, 2011
I use measuring cups and generally it works out fine, although occasionally I have to add extra liquid to get the consistency of batter that I need.
I suspect that the moisture content and acidity of yogurt varies from brand to brand and from country to country, so that might be more of an issue than being a Tablespoon or so off in the measurement...also some yogurts contain more additives that could make a difference in how the moisture is distributed (starch, gelatin, etc).
Ophelia December 9, 2011
dry. that should read "I use dry measuring cups..."
CaliforniaRenata December 9, 2011
I usually measure by dry cup, it seems to work.
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