Best way to make compact 1000cal bars

I have 12 tbsp of Adam's natural crunchy Peanut Butter with 5 cups of powdered oats & lots of water. I'm
trying to figure out the best way to mix them all together & make them as small as possible. Is there a special tool for protein bar shaping or?


Sergio Sanchez


amanda R. September 16, 2017
When I made granola bars in the past, I pressed them into a pan and then sliced into bars. No special tools, but a pizza cutter or similar might work.
BerryBaby September 15, 2017
Most recipes use honey or brown sugar, butter to bind the oats. I press the mixture into a baking sheet and cut into bars after baking.
Not sure how using only water and peanut butter would work. Have you used this before?
Maybe others have some thoughts or suggestions.
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