Gingerbread Cookie Dough Crust

I'm making Pumpkin Cheesecake and need help! I want to make a Gingerbread Crust to go with the Pumpkin, and I have a batch of Gingerbread Cookie Dough in the freezer. Can I use this dough as a base for my Pumpkin Cheesecake? Also, if I do, do I need to prebake or just assemble as dough and bake? PLUS - I plan to make two at once and freeze one another date...does Cheesecake freeze well? Help! I need to bake this week.

Angie Dorman Erickson
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1 Comment

Nancy September 26, 2017
Technically you could bake the cookie dough as pie crust but I fear it will be both denser than a regular crust & maybe hard to cut nicely.
I recommend baking the dough as cookies, then crumbling & mixing with butter to make a regular cookie crust.
If you feel experimental, and want to see side by side results, split the dough and make both pie each way.
Cheesecake freezes well, for about 2 months.
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