Can pumpkin bread be baked thinly?

I was thinking of making a pumpkin bread crusted cheesecake, if it were possible.

  • Posted by: Darcy
  • November 13, 2018


Emma L. November 14, 2018
At the bakery where I used to work, we made lots of "cake crusts." So, we'd bake a cake on a sheet pan, let it cool, crumble it up, let it totally dry out at room temperature, then buzz up in a food processor, just like graham cracker crumbs. From there, we'd treat the crumbs like a cracker crust—add sugar, salt, and melted butter—until the mixture held together easily. We did this with standard yellow and chocolate cakes. Never tried with a quick bread before—just the first method I thought of when you mentioned a pumpkin bread–crusted cheesecake. Such a fun idea!
BerryBaby November 14, 2018
Add pumpkin spice to the graham cracker crust. The bread would not hold up as a crust.
So S. November 13, 2018
Please try this and tell us how it turns out.... I'm..... *intrigued*
Nancy November 13, 2018
Not easily baked thinly.
But yes, bake it regular and then slice thinly and line a serving bowl or pie plate with the slices, as you would a trifle.
I wouldn't bake it as a crust, though (could burn or dry out).
Bake the cheesecake filling plain, then scoop into the cake-line bowl, smooth the top and garnish.
Or make a cheesecake-line pudding and use it to fill the bowl/pie plate.
Nancy November 14, 2018
should read: cheesecake LIKE pudding
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