Pesto is way too garlicky. How can I fix it?

I am pretty inexperienced, so I blindly followed an online recipe for pesto. It called for 5 cloves of garlic, and I know now that’s way too much! The whole batch is pretty garlicky. I added an avocado, a lot more olive oil, and spinach to try to dial it down. It worked a little bit it’s still pretty garlicky. It’s a pretty big batch so I’d like to save it if possible! (I should mention that I am vegan so I can’t use any dairy/animal products) Thank you!

Kristy Coventry


PHIL October 3, 2017
More basil solves everything! Are you using pine nuts in the recipe? Maybe add a vegan Parmesan too.
Nancy October 2, 2017
As a last resort, freeze some or all in small portions (ice cube tray), then use to sauce large amounts is plain carbs (potato, pasta, toast or baguettes)...which will help diffuse the garlic. Can also be mixed into bland tomatoes for similar uses.
MMH October 2, 2017
We grow our own basil and i understand the proportions can be tricky. If you really have that much and have access to more basil, I would just puree a bunch of it with olive oil and stir it in to what you have.. We also puree ours with kale just to sneak in a vegetable. Good - luck pesto is gold and summer is fading!
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