Double yolk eggs in baking a pound cake

I’m making my usual 5egg pound cake and every egg is double yolk. Would you proceed as usual or remove any yolks?

  • Posted by: Dona
  • October 3, 2017


caninechef October 3, 2017
If these are commercially graded and sized egg the they will have an average weight corresponding to their labeled size. So if you have way to much yolk in these five eggs then it stands to reason you have way to little white. I have no idea but maybe supplementing some extra egg white is also called for? Just a thought.
Nancy October 3, 2017
Good point.
Nancy October 3, 2017
Dona - if I were making this cake, I would save 5 of the yolks for another use....using USDA info, 5 double yolks would add about 85g yolk to your recipe (more about 1.5 large egg) and might provide difficulties with baking time or eventual texture of cake.
Use the reserved yolks for mayo, hollandaise, richer scrambled eggs.
Dona October 3, 2017
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