🎃 Pumpkin Decorating Idea

Last year I came up with this idea as I am no longer able to carve pumpkins. Looked in my fridge and made these two little guys they were a big hit in the neighborhood. It's great for children it's like a Mr. Potato Head using a pumpkin. I used wooden skewers to attach everything. Have fun happy Halloween 👻!

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BerryBaby November 1, 2017
It was a great Halloween! Veggie-head pumpkins for this year were a big hit. Everything was from the farmers market, chard teeth and hair, radish and bell pepper eyes, bell pepper bottom lips, apples and star anise eyes on big pumpkin....plus I have leftover chard for soup.
Moving on to Thanksgiving. 🦃
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amanda R. October 21, 2017
Very creative :)
BerryBaby October 19, 2017
🎃Thank you!
Ireneface October 19, 2017
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