When I package my pumpkin cookies in cello packages, they get really moist, and the white royal icing turns clear. HELP!!!!

I have an order for these cookies due next week and I want to use this recipe as the flavor is amazing and it's everyone's favorite. Unfortunately for this event the cookies have to be individually packaged, and when I do so, they get really really moist and the icing starts to turn clear. FYI, the icing I use has corn syrup in it and I let them sit for 8 hours or so, when I package them, the icing is rock hard. It's the same kind of icing that you use on sugar cookies. Please help, as I have tried everything I know and nothing is working.

Kelly Clemons
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Nancy October 22, 2017
Two ideas for you, which may help.
Maybe the cellophane or being air-tight is the issue.
If so, packing in some kind of paper (open or lightly sealed bag; small paper box) would avert the change to the frosting.
Don't know if this is cost-effective or if you can put your company name on them in time, but it might work.
Another option, for those mailing cookies, may be to send a package with the cookies unfrosted and a separate small container of frosting to be applied by the recipient (between layers or lightly, as foofaraw suggested).
foofaraw October 21, 2017
I think soft cookies just have lots of moisture that will make the icing melt again. Things I did when I store it: make the cookie thinner, put the icing in the middle of 2 cookies like a sandwich, put less icing, or layer each cookies with parchment paper. First one tend to be better, I also like second one because I don't like too much icing anyway, third one sometimes still make cookie stuck to the paper, though not as bad. I think when I store it only with parchment paper, the cookies tend to dry out if it is stored long term or in the fridge (because the moistness came from water, instead of amount of butter like CCC cookies). I would try storing them in different ways first before actually sending them.
BerryBaby October 21, 2017
Are the cookies soft cookies? It could be they have a lot of moisture and it's coming out through the icing when you put them in the bags. I read on one site they wrap iced cookies in parchment paper and then put them in bags for shipping and it keeps the icing intact. Sorry I'm not more help good luck!
Mary C. October 21, 2017
I'd love to hear suggestions, too! I made ricotta cookies last Christmas and the same thing happened!! I mailed them all over the country, only to learn their lovely texture and royal icing turned to mush! Grrr.
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